How can I submit the original (source) text to Sinonim?
You can submit the source text to Sinonim by whichever medium most convenient to you. If the text is in soft-copy, you can e-mail it or submit it on a CD; submitting the text on internet is the fastest way. If it’s only available in hard-copy, you can fax it, send it via cargo services or you can bring it to our office personally.

Should I keep a copy of the original text?
As Sinonim, it’s our duty to receive the original text and, if necessary, deliver it back in a safe way. However, we recommend that you keep a copy of the original text if it’s possible.

How is the price calculated for written translations?
Before we submit our price offer to the customer, we first evaluate the nature of text and we define the proficiency needed to translate it (such as legal documents or technical documents, which require engineering knowledge), then we determine the most suitable translator. The price of written tranlations vary based on the complexity of the document. The price is quoted on a page by page basis, where 1 page is equivalent to 1000 characters of target text. Texts less than 1 page (1000 characters) are considered as one full page.

How is the price calculated for sworn translations (translations which require legal validation, such as notary public approval and / or apostil)?
The price of sworn translations is calculated by adding the price paid for the legal procedures on the price of the target text.

How do you collect payment?
For one time services, we accept cash payment while delivering the translated text to the customer or bank transfer before the delivery. With long-term partners, we might accept payments in certain periods according to the volume of sales with the concerned customer.

How can I be sure that the translation is accurate?
We recommend that you request a 500 characters’ trial translation before you actually submit the job to Sinonim (trial translation service is only available for translations over 20 pages). Apart from that, Sinonim delivers tranlated text to its customers only after it’s proofread and controlled in terms of terminology. Sinonim’s translators are put through a rigorous screen before they join the Sinonim team, we evaluate their proficiency by conducting several cross checks. However, in order for us to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, we request that you communicate your complaints with the services provided to us and we will ensure that your concern is addresses immediately.

If we build a long-term cooperation with Sinonim, is it possible to have better prices for your services?
At Sinonim, our aim is to build a strategic partnership with our customers. We want to be your only supplier for your language services needs. So we will be willing to negotiate our prices and assign certain discounts on our services to our long-term customers depending on the sales volume.

May I have access to the older translations I submitted to Sinonim previously? Do you charge any extras for duplicates of older translations?
Sinonim keeps a record of every service provided to its customers. Thus, every translation is kept in our archives. If you can provide the subject, title and date of the translation, it will be re-delivered to you. For the texts translated by Sinonim, we do not charge any extras.

May I attend the foreign language training programs on my own (not being affiliated with a company or institution)?
Even though our training programs are directed to certain departments of companies or institutions, from time to time we organize programs for individuals. Please contact us for a detailed schedule of our training programs.

You can contact us via info@Sinonim-tr.com for us to answer any additional questions. We will respond to you as soon as possible...