Sworn Interpretation
In case foreigners in Turkey need interpretation services at government agencies such as the courts or notary public, we provide this service with our sworn translators, who hold a certificate of oath and will provide this proof at the concerned government agency.

Consecutive Interpretation
Consecutive interpretation comprises the interpretation service by listening and interpreting consecutively at the meetings, conferences, business interviews, seminars or visits of foreigners, without the mediation of technical equipment.

Simultaneous Interpretation
Unlike consecutive interpretation, the simultaneous interpreter needs technical equipments, i.e. speaks into a microphone, sitting in a sound-proof booth. While the source speaker continuously speaks, the interpreter renders the message in the target language at the same time, without waiting for the speaker to finish his message.

Escorting Interpretation
Escorting interpretation is a derivative of consecutive interpretation, where the interpreter accompanies the foreigner visitors for certain hours during their meetings, interviews or other organizations and helps them in communicating with the native language speakers. This service is charged based on hours spent with the customer.